“Are you insane? What would people say about it?”

“Don’t do it. I don’t want to imagine what people might think of you.”

“People would just say bad things about you, don’t you worry about that?”

Stop. For the sake of heaven and Earth, just STOP.

I don’t get why people can be so much scared of what others might think of them?

Let’s put it this way. You do what you love. What you do has nothing to do with anything that can do others any harm. You’re not allied with a mission of nuclear bomb assembly to annihilate the mankind. You’re not a serial killer who is hiding your identity and can kill at anytime. You’re not the embodiment of Lucifer.

You simply just do what you love, what you’re passionate about. It is a nice thing, something that you’ve been eager to do. You’ve finally had the courage to do it, you’ve finally ensured yourself to go out and start creating.

But then this son of a bitch called society doesn’t seem to be with you. What you do is wrong in their eyes. Wrong, in any way possible. You do such a sinful thing, it is a blasphemy. The slander goes around your lifetime where you are supposed to enjoy every second of it, where you deserve the bliss of what you’re doing.

C’mon. Giving people so much fuck is ridiculous, in whatever century you live. I don’t understand what’s so fun about listening to people babbling, chattering, prattling? What comes in handy for you, mate? You were born not to live for their opinions. You are here not to please them. What you do is only about you and yourself. You know what you’re doing. So, why care so much about what people think is right, when it stops you from doing what you love? Have fun being strict to people’s rules. Forever in a bird cage, looking all sweet and rigid.

Up until now I’m questioning. Who can genuinely size up a certain thing is right or wrong? This is bad, and that is good? Someone is insane, the other is sane? Who are we to judge?